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The Motor-Sailing Boat MAEKSA will be sold as the part of the world science history

Motor-Sailing Boat “MAEKSA”, where the Wireless Underwater Acoustic Video Communication Channel  (WUAVCC) – the first solution in the world just now, - had been developed, and also:

-          Cathodic Protection Underwater Automatic Inspection Technology (CP-UAIT) and

-          AUV “X-3A” – the first in the world AUV equipped with WUAVCC,

had been designed, manufactured and tested for 2010-2017.

BaltRobotics had made the decision to build new vessel and new version of AUV “X-3Atherefore MAEKSA will be sold for the interested party.

For many years MAEKSA was the base of BaltRobotics for undersea development but former German Fishing Seiner made in 1935 from what MAEKSA had been redesigned to marine laboratory and carrier for AUVs, - just now does not meet the current development requirements. It induced the need to build the new vessel.

The history of MAEKSA and the descriptions of technical programs development on its board can be seen here

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