Marine Research

Marine Research

Sea based scientific laboratory of BaltRobotics is placed on the vessel “MAEKSA”. There are mechanical and electronic workshops fully equipped there. It is the universal platform for any marine scientific research and marine development.

With very experienced scientific and engineering staff and with AUV “X-3A” on board BaltRobotics is interested to cooperate and participate in any marine development and research projects.

BaltRobotics can integrate any sensors in AUV “X-3A” and design and manufacture in operative manner any kind of special research equipment.

The vessel “MAEKSA” with its marine experienced crew is certified for the missions in any part of the world ocean.

Undersea Raw Material Exploration

The ocean is the main source of raw material reserve for world population just in the nearest future.

Using of ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) for raw materials exploration – it is very expensive approach.

AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) has to be the main type of undersea vehicle for raw material exploration.

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